At Ferren Family Counseling, our mission is to help our community "Learn, Heal, Thrive."  Located in the heart of the Cooper Young district in Midtown Memphis, Ferren Family Counseling offers individual, family, couples and group counseling, specializing in trauma- informed and client- centered care.

Additionally, we are dedicated towards creating a safe, judgment-free environment for our clients. We are available to work with individuals ages 6 and older, dealing with a spectrum of concerns, and prepared to work with clients of all ethnicities, backgrounds, and sexual identities.

Ferren Family Counseling LLC

Address:  895 S. Cooper Street                     
              Suites 1, 2, 3 & 6
              Memphis, TN 38104

Telephone: (901) 498-9126
Fax: (901) 722-5657

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‚ÄčProviding Mental Health Therapy to the Greater Memphis area.

Our offices are located

in the heart of the Cooper Young district,

at 895 S. Cooper, Memphis, TN.

We are thrilled to offer our brand of mental health services within the midtown Memphis area!

Telephone: (901) 498-9126 

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