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Therapist Positions are open at Ferren Family Counseling LLC!

We are specifically looking to add clinicians skilled in and wanting to work with our clients ages 6 and older.

Ferren Family Counseling LLC is offering an opportunity for Contractual Mental Health Therapists.  This position is part time, with option and opportunity to grow your caseload.

We love our work, and we welcome a candidate who can feel the same! We would be exceptionally lucky to welcome a clinician willing to work with multiple populations. We see a need in our community for clinicians willing and able to work with children, teens, or emerging adults, in addition to adults and couples. *State Licensure is required.

Specialized populations, certifications, trainings and/or interventions are a plus!!!

Send your resume and cover letter to ferrenfamilycounseling@gmail.com

Opportunities with FFC

State Licensed Therapist (LCSW, LPC-MHSP, LMFT) - Midtown & Cordova Locations

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