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Insurances Accepted

Our therapists are individually paneled with insurances.  As such, we recommend verifying if the therapist you want to meet with is in network with your insurance.  You can do so by reaching out to your insurance provider, reviewing our therapists' bios within our website, and/ or calling our offices.

​*We are not able to accept any Medicare plan.

Ferren Family Counseling offers insurance verification as a courtesy. It is important to know that the information given online or via phone from insurance is often inaccurate. Information that we share as a courtesy related to insurance benefits is based on the information we receive directly from the insurance company.

Please call your insurance provider to determine if they will cover mental health/ counseling services, and to determine benefits and financial responsibility. Insurance benefits are based on a contract between you and your insurance provider, and Ferren Family Counseling does not decide client benefits. 

Typical questions to ask your insurance provider include:

  • Does my insurance cover therapy?

  • Do I have EAP benefits?

  • How many therapy sessions can I have in a year?

  • Does my plan require a prior authorization before I can attend my therapy appointment?

  • Do I have a deductible?

  • Is there a copay?

  • Does my plan cover telehealth services?

***A note about insurance:   The benefit of not using your insurance is that your psychotherapy treatment is fully your own and completely confidential.  The type and length of therapy will be determined by you and us with no restrictions or interference from your insurance company. In addition, a mental health diagnosis will not have to be added to your permanent health records or insurance records and cannot be accessed without your expressed and written permission to do so. 


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