Ferren Family Counseling

Hope & Healing for Women

Thursdays at 5:30pm, 152 Timber Creek, Cordova, TN.

An in-person group to help women struggling with intimate betrayal heal from infidelity and their partners' compulsive-type behaviors. This group for women will focus on support, connection and coping for those affected by repeated sexual betrayal (or serial infidelity, multiple intimate betrayal or repeated intimate betrayal).

Betrayal trauma causes feelings of hopelessness, mistrust, and anxiety. As a result, we begin to lose our capacity to connect with others and experience increased feelings of isolation.

In this group, you can find support as you work through your feelings of betrayal. This will be a safe space to process your feelings and regain stability in your life.

Cigna insurance accepted, and sliding scale fee is available.

Call 901-498-9126 or email lisahoyle.lmsw@gmail.com for more info or to register.

*Led by Lisa Hoyle, LMSW

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